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Stefan van GochDelft -NL
event callsign: TRA1983inactive

number of flights:21 average flight distance:929 NM
hours flown:57:55 average flight time:2:45
total flown distance:19,515 NM (0.9 times around the world)
number of flights this month:0 (0:00)
number of flights previous month:0 (0:00)
last flight:17-08-2022 15:09z
favourite aircraft:Boeing 737-800
smoothest landing:-88 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
best landing (-200 ft/m):-186 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
roughest landing:-500 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
average landing:-243 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
top 5 departure airports
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol7
EHRD Rotterdam4
LGIR Iraklion3
LOWI Innsbruck2
EDDM Munich1
top 5 destinations
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol8
LGIR Iraklion3
LOWI Innsbruck3
EHRD Rotterdam2
EDDM Munich1
top 5 routes
from to how much
EHAM Amsterdam SchipholLOWI Innsbruck3
LOWI InnsbruckEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol2
LGIR IraklionEHRD Rotterdam2
EHRD RotterdamLGIR Iraklion2
LPFR FaroEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol1

flight from to date A/C duration distance touchdown
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)17-08-2022B738 (PHHXG)1:48462 NMno landing
TRA6874LGIR(Iraklion)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)23-01-2022B738 (PHHXI)4:011436 NM-451 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
TRA5365EHRD(Rotterdam)LGIR(Iraklion)14-07-2021B738 (PHHXJ)3:311402 NMno landing
TRA5366LGIR(Iraklion)EHRD(Rotterdam)19-06-2021B738 (PHHZE)4:051483 NM-88 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA5369EHRD(Rotterdam)LGIR(Iraklion)08-08-2020B738 (PHHSM)3:361501 NM-500 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
TRA5352LPFR(Faro)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)23-02-2020B738 (PHHZE)3:271115 NMno landing
TRA5203EHRD(Rotterdam)LPFR(Faro)21-10-2019B738 (PHHZG)4:011109 NMno landing
TRA5293EHRD(Rotterdam)LOWW(Vienna)12-10-2018B737 (PHXRD)1:52630 NM-186 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
TRA5368LGIR(Iraklion)EHRD(Rotterdam)24-09-2018B738 (PHHZL)4:021446 NM-155 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA1567EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LGIR(Iraklion)14-09-2018B738 (PHHZI)3:401463 NM-245 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TRA5202EDDM(Munich)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)16-08-2018B738 (PHHZG)1:53435 NM-385 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA5201EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)EDDM(Munich)10-08-2018B738 (PHHSK)1:27413 NM-120 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)16-07-2018B738 (PHHZO)1:37506 NM-165 ft/m @ 144 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)16-04-2018B738 (PHHXA)1:23451 NM-299 ft/m @ 123 KIAS
TRA5004EFHK(Helsinki Vantaa)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)07-04-2018B737 (PHXRC)2:46858 NM-341 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA5541EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)EFHK(Helsinki Vantaa)30-03-2018B738 (PHHSA)2:38858 NM-233 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA5624LEPA(Palma De Mallorca)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)08-03-2018B738 (PHHSB)2:42892 NM-143 ft/m @ 149 KIAS
TRA5623EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LEPA(Palma De Mallorca)06-03-2018B738 (PHHZW)2:26813 NM-361 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)22-02-2018B738 (PHHXK)1:54533 NM-114 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)21-02-2018B738 (PHHZK)1:55531 NM-110 ft/m @ 153 KIAS
TRA104ENTC(Tromso)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)19-02-2018B738 (PHHXA)3:111178 NM-235 ft/m @ 136 KIAS

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